Service Calls and Repairs:  516-735-5756

Contact us with the name of the machine and a description of the problem for further details.

Labor rates are $125 per hour with a 1 hour minimum charge. The service area is 25 miles from Smithtown NY 11787  (see mileage calculator below). Parts are extra. Charges begin upon arrival to your location, there is no extra charge for driving time within the local service area.

For a price quote contact us with your location including zip code. Please include the name of the machine and a brief explanation of the problem.

The service area is 25 miles from 33 Grandview lane, Smithtown N.Y 11787 and includes Long Island locations only. You can enter your address in the mileage calculator below to calculate your distance from NY Pinball.

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Ron's Tech Tips

The term 'planned obsolescence' means that your pinball machine was designed with a built in life expectancy. The engineers located the batteries right on the main circuit board knowing they would eventually leak. This battery acid is very corrosive and will destroy the electronic components eventually leading to a breakdown. By the time most people realize their batteries leaked it's usually too late. Replacement PCB's (printed circuit boards) can be very expensive to repair or replace. 

Pictured below, you can see how much damage this battery acid can cause when it leaks. The designers counted on people forgetting to change the batteries and it was a very effective plan. It's fairly simple to change them; locate the key to the backbox (usually hanging on the inside of the coin door) and take the backglass out, swing the lamp door panel open and locate the batteries. With the power on, carefully take the old batteries out and put new ones in, making sure to install them in the right direction. Don't wait until it's too late, get your machine serviced regularly, preventative maintenance is the key!