<h2>Warranty</h2> <img style="float: right; margin: 0 0 15px 25px;" title="warranty" src="../userimages/Image/gold%20with%20blue%20ribbon(2).jpg" alt="warranty" width="37" height="54" /> <h3>Purchases</h3> <p><strong>Machines purchased <em>within</em> our 25 mile service area</strong></p> <p>All 'Restored' pinball machines purchased from NY Pinball come with a 90 day warranty. This includes locations within the 25 mile service area (see mileage calculator on the service page). Further distances will still be covered but with an additional surcharge to offset the extra travel time and expense. This also applies to all new pinball machines that we sell.</p> <p><strong>Machines purchased <em>outside</em> our 25 mile service area</strong></p> <p>Customers outside our 25 mile service area receive the same 90 day warranty except for an additional surcharge based on the extra travel time and distance. This surcharge is only to supplement the extra travel time and expense needed to travel outside our local service area and can be determined at the time of purchase. This applies to customers in the NY area who are further than the 25 mile service area, not customers from out of town or out of state.</p> <p><em>some exceptions are:</em></p> <ul class="disc"> <li>Burnt out light bulbs</li> <li>Any work performed on the machine by anyone other than NY Pinball.</li> <li>Any machines kept outdoors or in an unsafe environment.</li> <li>Physical damage resulting from electrical problems, power surges, lightning strikes, fire, flooding, water or moisture, extreme temperatures, scratches, dents, chips, broken glass, etc.</li> <li>Improper changes made to the machines adjustments menus or settings.</li> <li>Jammed coin mechanisms (home use machines are set on free play).</li> <li>Use of the machine in a location other than the home such as a commercial, public or workplace environment.</li> <li>Reset problems due to low line conditions caused by faulty wiring in the home or from low power conditions coming from the power/utility company. </li> </ul> <p><strong>For your information:</strong> The factory warranty on new pinball machines is limited to 2 months and covers only the 2 or 3 electronic circuit boards and 9 months on the score display - NO flippers, NO bumpers, NO switches, NO motors, NO mechanisms, NO cabinet parts, NO hardware, in fact nothing on the playfield at all! Not only that, the warranty is only valid from the time it reaches the distributor and is usually expired by the time it reaches the consumer. Additionally the warranty does not cover any labor at all. But rest easy, at NY Pinball we offer you a full 90 day warranty on all new pinball machines we sell!</p> <p><strong>Machines purchased <em>outside</em> the Long Island NY area</strong></p> <p>Customers who purchase machines from outside the Long Island NY area receive a limited warranty on parts replacement for 30 days. The customer is responsible at their own expense to remove the part or have a qualified technician remove it. Customer is liable for any damage incurred during the removal of the part. Customer is responsible to pay for shipping the part back to NY Pinball. We are more than happy to assist you in finding a qualified technician in your area, and we offer excellent phone support to help you figure out the problem.</p> <h3>Restorations:</h3> <p>Machines restored by NY Pinball receive the same 90 day warranty as if you bought the machine from us. This includes locations within the 25 mile service area (see mileage calculator on the service page). Further distances will still be covered but with an additional surcharge to offset the extra travel time and expense. The same exceptions listed above also apply.</p> <h3>Service and Repair Warranty:</h3> <p><strong>Machines <em>purchased</em> from NY Pinball</strong></p> <p>Machines purchased from NY Pinball that are out of their warranty period receive a 30 day warranty on repairs. This applies to service calls within the 25 mile service area, further distances must pay a surcharge to cover the additional travel time and expense. For a repair to be covered under warranty it must be the exact same failure and exact same parts or components that we originally performed the service call on.</p> <p><em>some exceptions are:</em></p> <ul class="disc"> <li>Used Parts: In certain cases used parts are the only option, unfortunately we can not be responsible for the failure of a used part.</li> <li>Reset Problems: There are many factors that can cause a pinball machine to reset. Sometimes the problem can be in the machine but many times the problem can be caused by a low power condition from the power/utility company during the peak summer season when air conditioner use is high. Faulty or inadequate wiring in the home can also cause resets.</li> <li>Intermittent Problems: We must see the problem occur in order to fix it. We can often determine what the problem might be from experience but we can not warranty a problem that we didn't see occur while we were there.</li> <li>Problems Not Brought to our Attention: Please remember to let us know all the things you need serviced before or during the service call as we can not be responsible for problems that we were not told about.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Machines <em>not purchased</em> from NY Pinball</strong></p> <p>We do not warranty our repair work on machines that were not purchased from NY Pinball. There are too many factors that are beyond our control such as the machines condition, the manufacturer, the machines history, if it was used commercially, if it was neglected or abused, if it was stored in damp conditions, etc. An untrained eye may not pick up on these unfavorable conditions and not be aware of hidden or hacked repairs the machine may have received during it's lifetime, therefore we only warranty service work on machines sold or restored by NY Pinball.</p>