Payment Information

Games sold locally must be paid in cash at time of delivery, no exceptions.

We do accept checks and money orders as long as they are received in time to allow for clearing by bank (approximately 5-10 days).

We accept Pay Pal for deposits on games, balances must be paid by cash, check or money orders allowing time for clearing by bank. We only accept credit card payments made through Pay Pal and not directly. Using Pay Pal may cause delays while they verify your bank or credit card information. New York Pinball must pay a fee on payments received through Pay Pal which is why we use it on a limited basis.

For local sales a $500 deposit is required if your not taking immediate delivery. We ask that you take delivery of the game no longer than 10 days after deposit is received. When we take a deposit on a game it is considered sold and we may lose the opportunity to sell it to other customers, for this reason deposits are not refundable.

We accept checks and money orders as payments as long as they are received in time to allow for clearing by bank (usually 5-10 business days). Keep this in mind as it may delay shipping of your game, no games will be picked up or shipped until payment has been cleared by bank.


Shipping a Pinball Machine

There is a $100 charge to prepare the machine for out-of-state shipping which includes thoroughly wrapping it with a combination of cardboard, bubble-wrap and shrink-wrap. We can wrap the machine with the legs on or off as shown in the pictures below. We have had good luck both ways but the majority have been shipped with the legs on. On pick-up, the moving company wraps it with moving blankets and straps it to the inside of the truck. Customers will be emailed a picture of their machine all wrapped up.

  • Dimensions of a typical pinball machine assembled with legs on are: 29" (76 cm) wide, 76" - 80" (190 cm - 200 cm) tall, and 56" (140 cm) deep.
  • Approximate dimensions folded up on it's back are: 29" (76 cm) wide, 30" (76 cm) tall, and 56" (140 cm) deep (dimensions are without wrapping materials).
  • Depending on the manufacturer or machine the average weight of a pinball machine is: 250 - 300 pounds (113.5 Kg - 136 Kg).
  • The majority of modern pinball machines (made in the last 20 years or so) have a hinge system which allows the backbox to be folded down.

Ron, POTC arrived today. I've had about 8 games shipped to me, and I've successfully convinced everybody to wrap them up really well... but you definitely win the prize. Thanks for such a thorough job 'entombing' the machine. It arrived safe and sound and plays really well.

I'm sure everybody will really enjoy it.

From: Gerry S. / Austin TX
Sold: Pirates of the Caribbean